Having a company you can rely on to conduct high quality consistent ball screw repairs and maintenance can be a huge relief to your business. After constant use many ball screws, no matter how big or how small and what brand, need to be repaired. So, we realize that time is a factor and customer service and satisfaction are our main priorities.

Ball Screw Repairs

Before and After Picture of Ball Screw Repairs


We offer an expedited service “Crash Program” with a 24 to 48 hour turnaround upon receipt of your ball screw in our facility.

Standard reconditioning of a ball screw begins with a visual inspection. Your screw will then be disassembled for a more thorough inspection. Repairs generally include relapping the screw and/or nut, as necessary, and reloading the nut with the correct size balls. We use chrome steel grade 25 balls for longer lasting service. Then, the screw is then reassembled and tested for accuracy. After reconditioning your ball screw will meet .0002/linear foot tolerance.

Not sure what is wrong with your ball screw? We will conduct a thorough inspection to pinpoint the real issue, and always aim to save you money on parts and future issues. We carry a large inventory of parts, and can quickly ship any parts we don’t carry in stock.

For more than half a century, Service Industrial Rebuilders has been in the business of helping other businesses maintain with our service staff to keep their machines running. Time-tested, hands-on talents in machine tool repair, rebuilding and CNC retrofit have earned SIR the reputation as “the one to call” when machine tools are down.