In the past S.I.R. has served countless customers in the United States repairing blow molding equipment such as Uniloy and others. What repairs can be accomplished on this type of equipment? After constant use many ball splines, shot cylinders, rotac actuators, main drive gear boxes and bearing housings, no matter how big or how small or what brand, need to repaired. Most repairs that are needed we find are due to a lack of proper lubrication or simply old age.

In most cases your ball spline can be repaired. We begin with a visual inspection and then disassemble it for a more thorough inspection. Repairs generally include reconstruction and build up of the splines and spline housing; recut splines; grind, chrome plate and finish grind the bearing shaft; replace the bronze ball cage; replace broken or worn stop pins; repack with new Grade 25 chrome steel ball bearings (Grade 25 will lower the friction rate in your ball spline); reseal; reassemble and test. In the event your ball spline cannot be repaired, we have the capability to manufacture a new spline to your specification or we may be able to supply you with a re-manufactured one from our stock.